Today Is For Jackie

This is always a special day, but this year marks the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson playing his first MLB game. If you think about the rich history of baseball one huge black eye is that it took as long as it did for everyone to finally get to play together. Jackie wearing that #42 for the first time in the majors was the start of something in America. I don’t know that we are quite there yet, but we have come a long way. What he had to go through just to play the game says a lot about our country. If you stop and think about it skin color is just one of many identifiable traits that a person has. I have always said that it is as crazy to judge someone for that as it is to judge them on eye color. Be better. In a way I wish that we didn’t know who Jackie Robinson was. He would have been just another player that played his whole career in the big leagues. We could have seen what Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson could have done against some of the greats. Think of how much richer baseballs history would have been if we didn’t think so small?

Looking For 42

One fun thing that I do at games is to find the number 42 on the teams if I can. The photo above I made at Purdue opening day. They have always had a 42 on the team it seems like. It looked pretty good in the pinstripes this year and I knew exactly when the photo would make the blog.

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