Make Yourself A Home

Making A Home At The Celery Bog

While I was out for a walk the other day I saw few birds close enough to make photos of. It was more of a day to get in a good walk. One bird that I did see fairly close was this red-bellied woodpecker. It was making a home out of an old stump on the water. I watched it work for a while, and then left it in peace. It is amazing how quickly it was working to hollow this stump out.

Familiar Homes

While out for my walk I noticed a few trees that I knew had birds nesting in them that had been cut down. I know that the trees were dead and needed to come down, but I find it hard to believe that a true nature center would do it in the spring. This one is though. One thought that I had was that the people doing the cutting have no idea about anything going on at the bog. Is this dead tree that the screech owls live in on the list to be cut down? I hope not. It is the main tree that people look at throughout the year.

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