A Slow Morning With Purdue Tennis

Slowing Things Down At Purdue Tennis

Yesterday I will admit that I did not plan on making any tennis photos. The weather stepped in though and delayed both the baseball and softball games in the same complex as tennis so I decided to head over and make some photos. I lent my fast glass to Paul Ward a photographer at the Exponent (check out his work here) so I had something that really would not stop action. I decided to just go for it and pan the entire time that I was there. I realize that I probably do this too much, but it is fun for me. Right now on this victory lap it is all about soaking it in and having fun so why not do what I want?

Going For A Few

There are so many factors that can make or break a photo at 1/15th or slower that even with some skill on your side you still are relying on a lot of luck. When you pan you have to realize that you will get very few keepers, but that is what makes it so fun. Yesterday I made the two photos that are above this that I really liked, and they might be my favorite tennis panning photos so far. Below I will put a couple of other experiments that I liked on the day as well.

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