Slowing It Down At The Gates Of Purdue

Going Slow At Purdue

Last weekend I went up to campus when it was bitterly cold to make some photos of the clouds that were moving quickly over campus. This was my first stop to make photos on campus. I have made many photos here, but the background is now different so I need to update what I have already done. That is the fun thing about making photos at Purdue. You can always make something different because campus is constantly changing.

What A Difference A Week Makes

In the week since I made this photo we have had all of the seasons. This is a crazy time of year when you can’t plan too far ahead if you have an outdoor event because the weather is constantly changing. Today is a little cold again, but by tomorrow things start to warm up again. I like winter, but these warmer spring days are pretty great. It is not too hot out yet and the sun feels good on my bones that are getting a little older.

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