A Ring-billed Gull In The Snow

A Ring-billed Gull Flies Through The Snow

Wednesday morning we had an unexpected snow. I had my bag packed for swimming already, but I grabbed a camera and lens and went down to the river hoping to see a few eagles. I did see some eagles, but they would not come down low enough for me. I wanted my subject to be a little lower so the dark trees would be in the background letting the snow show up a bit more. Here a ring-billed gull came down low enough for me to make a photo. Like the canada geese that were featured yesterday I don’t normally go out to make gull photos, but this one came through at a perfect time.

Making Snowy Photos With Birds

I really enjoy the challenge of making bird in flight photos in the snow. My new Sony makes it a little easier as it really does lock onto the eye, but even then the snow can give it problems from time to time. The snow adds some depth to the photo though which is always good. I don’t know that this would have been a keeper normally, but here the snow made it interesting to me. I love the look from the gull as well.

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