My Backyard Birds: A Northern Cardinal In The Snow

A Northern Cardinal Hangs Out In The Snow

Yesterday was a nice big snow day here in the Lafayette area. It was the kind of snow that reminded me of lake effect snow back home. It just kept coming down all day long. The kids were home from school so during the day I was at home. Making photos can be tough, but when you have birds in the backyard you can still get some things done. My favorite photo of the morning was this cardinal in our tree waiting for its chance at the feeder. I thought that everything worked out for a good photo.

A Bad Hair Day

I feel like every morning when I wake up it is a bad hair day. Some days you try and sneak out to grab the paper or the mail hoping that nobody sees you. What would happen if a photographer made a photo of you having that bad hair day. That is what i thought this cardinal was thinking this morning as he came looking for food. I think he was going to do his hair right after breakfast, and then here was this photographer not having a great hair day himself making a photo of him.

More Cardinals In The Snow

Here are a few bonus photos of the cardinals from yesterday.

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