Purdue Women’s Basketball Defeats Minnesota

Purdue Defeats Minnesota To Get Program Win 900

Last night I was back in Mackey Arena to see Purdue get their 900th win in school history. I was there for a job at halftime, but I used that as an excuse to photograph the game as well. I really enjoyed watching the Boilers play against Indiana a couple of weeks ago so it was great to get back in there and be on their side of the court.

Running By In A Flash

In 2020 as things were winding down I was working on an idea for the team running onto the court. I didn’t quite nail what I had in mind, and of course we all know what has happened in the meantime. I finally was able to kind of get what I had in my mind last night. I think that this could be improved on of course, but it was a good first run at it. I have an idea for this at a men’s game. I may show up Sunday just to try this idea out and then head home.

Finally Happy With A Game

My first two basketball games of the year were not much to write home about as far as my photography goes. For some reason I walked out of both games not happy with my work. Last night walking back up the hill after the game I thought about the fact that I liked a few of my photos from the night. Sometimes it just comes down to being in the right place at the right time. That seemed to be the case for me last night.

More Photos From The Game

My women’s basketball posts rarely get too many eyes on them. If I cover more games this year I may just post a gallery instead of a post. I have photographed so little basketball this year though that I thought that I would write something up. Below are a few bonus photos that I liked from last night.

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