Mallards On The Wabash

Watching The Mallards Of The Wabash

For a couple of days this past week the mallards were really fun to watch as they maneuvered around the ice on the Wabash River looking for fish to eat. I had never seen this behavior before so it was really fun to watch it unfold in front of me. I saw a few fish caught pretty far away, but it was the encounters where it happened right in front of me that were the most fun to make images of. When the ponds would freeze over in the past I would hang up my photographer hat for a couple of days. Now I know that there is still some good wildlife photos to be made as the ice builds up on the river.

Patience Is The Key

The point where I sat on the Wabash is pretty wide, but it narrows quickly just after it goes by me. That meant that the ice would come together more leaving very little room for the ducks to work. They would work a little past me and then fly back downstream. I would have about a 15-20 minute wait until they were back in front of me again. I am not always the most patient person in the world so any chance to exercise a little patience is a good thing. Luckily the Wabash has wildlife everywhere so while I waited I watched. I found a heron roost and some good eagle perches by keeping my eyes open during that time. If you have made reading this far then you have some patience too. Enjoy a few bonus photos from a couple of days down on the Wabash with the ducks.

2 Replies to “Mallards On The Wabash”

  1. Wow, Dave, these are really good! I’ve never seen a duck catch a fish. All the ones I see seem to be “dibbling for duckweed” or other plant life or if they’re eating fish, they’re just tiny ones. Loved seeing these.

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