A Wood Duck Swims On The Wabash

A Nice Surprise On The Wabash

Yesterday I went down to the Wabash River to see what I could find. The day before I had some fun watching the ducks swim around the icebergs and fish. Imagine my surprise when I saw a wood duck out there with them yesterday. This is a bird that I can never get too close to usually. Here it was not that far away from me in an interesting situation. As I walked down to the waters edge it flushed, but from what I saw the day before it would be back. The birds just go along with the flow for a while before flying back downstream to do it all again. I would see the wood duck two more times as it moved along the ice looking for food. I never saw it find any, but there is always today to try again.

More Wood Duck Photos

Here are a few more bonus photos from my time with the wood duck yesterday. As I said above I don’t get to see them often looking this good, and never as close as I did yesterday. One thing that I have found over the years is that birds are far more tolerant of people when they are feeding. This wood duck didn’t pay much attention to me as it floated by looking for lunch.

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