Photographing The Gene Edmonds Invitational

Moving Fast

Covering a track and field day means that you seem to be constantly in motion. There is always something going on that you can photograph. I made my favorite photo of the day though during a small period of downtime for me. I was in position for a race that was scratched at the last second. I saw one of the long jumpers getting ready to head down the track so I quickly switched to panning mode to try something. It worked out, and it gave me my favorite photo of the day. This is a fun photo, but also how I feel most of the time while covering track.

Back At Lambert Fieldhouse

For years the first sporting event of my year seemed to be the Gene Edmonds Invitational at Lambert Fieldhouse. Last year of course things were different so I didn’t make any track and field photos. As I said yesterday though the two sports that I missed in 2021 were the first two that I was able to photograph in 2022.

Amazing Things Everywhere

The thing about photographing track and field is trying to get it all. As you look around you realize that these athletes are doing amazing things all over the place. I always struggle with giving everyone the attention that they deserve. The precision and speed required just blows me away. Watching the triple jump while long distance running is happening shows you how different the events are, but still how cool this is.

What Is Next?

Lately my sports photography has come in bunches. I was ready to call it a day as December was starting, and then I started the month off hot. Of course those were the only events in the month that I photographed. The good news is that the other side of my photography has gone off a little. My next schedule sports gig is in April. That seems like a long time away, but I do have a lot of ideas to try away from sports in the meantime. Thanks to a very good December I have some posts ready to go for the blog, and I have a list of ideas that I would like to get out and try.

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