A Sunset With Ruby

Spending Sunset With Ruby

Late in December I had a night to myself so I went down to the Celery Bog to see an old friend. I ended up seeing a lot of people that I used to run into at the bog which was nice. I also got to see Ruby the red morph eastern screech owl again. For most of the beginning of my trip to the bog Ruby just slept at the mouth of the hole letting the sun hit her. When the sun went away for a while so did Ruby. Just before sunset though when the sun came back out Ruby did as well. Here she barely opened her eyes, but it was enough as the last light of the day hit her.

2021 At The Celery Bog

A couple of days ago I posted my favorite images from the Celery Bog in 2021. I didn’t visit as much as in past years, but I still had some fun and made some images that I really liked. You can see my favorite images from last year out there here.

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