The Return Of The Snowy Owls

Finally Seeing A Snowy Owl Again

It has only been four years since the last time that I saw a snowy owl, but it feels like much longer. Every time that I go by a field the plastic bag sitting there tricks me. It was nice to finally see an owl instead of the plastic bag this time. For the last couple of weeks it seems like I have been seeing photo after photo of these unique birds. On New Year’s Eve I finally had my chance to photograph a snowy again.

What A Way To End The Year!

This was a great way to end the year. You always want to end the year on a high note, and seeing a bird that you never get to see was definitely a good way to do that. I actually debating whether or not I should go on Friday. I wondered if I should just wait until the next day to have this owl be the first photos that I made in the new year. Of course the owl could leave so I made sure that I saw it. I am sure that over time you will see more photos of this owl on this blog.


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