Behind The Time

A Behind The Scenes Look At The Clocks On The Tippecanoe County Courthouse

This might be my favorite photo from our tour of the courthouse a few weeks ago. It is a simple image, but it just looked so cool to me in person that I wanted to be able to share it with others. This view just seemed like it came from literature. This was a portkey in Harry Potter or a way to get back home from Narnia. I still can’t explain how it made me feel, but I tried to capture what it was in a photo.

The Next Couple Of Weeks On The Blog

As you may have already figured out this is going to be a busy couple of weeks on the blog. I have been scheduled out a couple of weeks for the most part since a few days before Christmas. You can expect a best of post in the morning followed by a regular blog post this time of day. I love spending the beginning of the year looking back on the previous year. I always want to one up myself when it comes to my best of posts from year to year. That little competition with myself is what keeps on driving me to improve my photography. Having the regular posts all planned out and written also allows me a couple of weeks to just create and to let the blog run on autopilot a little as well. Writing every day can sometimes start to get old. Using this time to refresh a little always seems to work. You will still be getting posts, and I can spend some time creating the images that you will see on the blog shortly.

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