Through The Fog

Getting Through The Fog

A few weeks ago we had a day where the fog never cleared. My photography plan for the day was ruined, but that didn’t mean that I still couldn’t make something out of the day. I went for a drive in the country. These were roads that I used to drive years ago when this was still a photo a day blog. I used to drive around and look for something interesting to make photos of. Here I had a photo story idea in mind. I wanted some photos to show what the day looked like out there. I knew the preset that I would use, and the look that I was going for. This idea might not be for everyone, but it was a fun way to get out there and be creative for a couple of hours.

Down The Road

As I was making this photo I was thinking about how it kind of fits in with what I am feeling about photography right now. I am just driving down the road with no real idea what is ahead. As of the first of the year the business will be no more. I had goals that I had to meet to keep it going this year, and I didn’t even come close to them. Covid pretty much gave the business the mortal wound, but it has taken a while to bleed out. This is not the end of my photography though. I will still be out there making photos, but it will just be in a different capacity. This is not a sad thing at all. I have done things on the sports side of photography that I would never have thought possible. It was a heck of a ride, but all rides must come to an end. My goal for 2022 is to make photos like this story, and just get out there as I did when this blog first started. I have found that I used my sports photography as a crutch to make content for this blog. Even if I wasn’t working an event I would show up just to get some photos in. That is a lazy way to do things, and I like the idea of having to get out there to look for photo ideas again. I am excited for this year, and where it could lead me. 2022 will be the year where I get out there and create a little more.

More Photos From My Trip

Here are a few bonus photos from my drive.

3 Replies to “Through The Fog”

  1. Sorry about the business, Dave. Covid did a lot of damage beyond that of physical health.

    Your photos are evocative for me because one set of my grandparents lived on a farm in Nebraska and when I was growing up, I spent lots of time there. I really like the second shot of the tree and the road, its feeling of endlessness and possibilities. I see why it’s what your journey looks like now but I think it’s that way for many of us. I also really like the barn with the wreath and the meticulous barn just after it. Fog to me makes for different and interesting photos and you made good use of it here.


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