When A Good Hike Turns Great

When The Hike Turns Into A Great Hike

A couple of weeks ago while hiking out at Prophetstown I kept telling myself that the hike was just informational. I really had not seen anything in good light during the entire hike. I did gain some insight into where the river otters are hanging out, and sometimes that is just as important as making the photos. I think that I now know a little better how to see them, and where to go to make sure that I do. With just a couple of okay photos I started to walk back to my car. That is when this hawk decided to give me a photo that I really liked on my way out. That photo turned an okay walk into a great walk for me.

The Otter Gets A Fish

Most of the otters were down far out of range for photography while I was watching them. One otter though swam closer and closer to me before disappearing. After a few minutes of thinking that I lost it the otter popped up pretty close to me with a fish in its mouth. There is too much clutter here for a good picture, but this was a cool experience to see the otters up close again.

Bonus Photos

Here are a couple of bonus photos from my walk. I didn’t make many photos until right at the end when I had some fun with trying to find the right angle for the hawk in the tree.

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