Making A List…

…And Checking It Twice

I made this photo last week while touring the courthouse in Lafayette. I liked the idea of Santa checking over his list to see who is naughty and nice. We will all find out tonight where we land on the list. I usually end up with coal, but then again my last name means coal in Polish so that must be why. I tried to peak to see where my name was on this list, but couldn’t find it. Merry Christmas to everyone no matter what list your name is on.

Taking A Break

I have said it before on the blog, but after tomorrows post I have posts scheduled until well into January. It will be nice to just get out and create for a while and not worry about content for the blog. This was a good plan this year that I need to work on from here on out. With no sports on my schedule it makes it a little easier to just take a break from blogging for a wile. There is nothing that needs to get out in a timely manner. Right now my first sporting event in 2022 is on the 7th, and the way that things are getting cancelled I am not counting anything until it happens. I will still be checking comments and making sure that everything is going okay, but the day to day blogging will not be happening. See you in 2022!

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