Christmas At The Haan Museum

Christmas Joy At The Haan Museum

I have lived here in Lafayette for almost twelve years now. In fact if you count my time at Purdue that number goes way up. In all that time I have never visited the Haan Museum. That will all change now. We had an amazing time at the museum as it is dressed up for the holidays. For most of the trip my camera was at my side. There were a few displays that made me grab it out though.

People Make The Difference

Part of what makes the museum so great are the volunteers. You are basically on a self guided tour through the museum, but there are volunteers spread throughout that can help you find the things that you might have missed on your own. There were a few times when they came up to us and told us something that made our visit much more enjoyable. Driving home from the museum my eight year old wanted to sign up to be a volunteer because they were so great to us. People really make a difference, and here they took a good trip and made it great.

More Photos From Our Visit

This really is a must visit if you live in town. Of course now the holidays are here and the museum will be closed for them soon, but if you get a chance I would highly recommend a visit. Here are a few bonus photos from our walk around this cool mansion today.

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