A Lafayette Christmas

Christmas In Lafayette

I really like the little things that this town does for the holidays. There are little things like the wreaths in the windows of the Perrin Building that just add something to the downtown area. I have been in the building many times with a few very fun photo sessions happening in there. It was nice to see it all dressed up for the holidays. While I was waiting for our courthouse tour this past Saturday I made this photo of the Marquis de Lafayette checking the building out. He must enjoy a sight like that in front of him all of the time.

The Fun Of Creating

I have been having fun for the past couple of weeks getting out and creating. For a while there I was relying on sports photos to fill the blog. As I was making the photos I was realizing that while they may get me a couple of clicks and some content I was just not making it in the sports world. Something has changed and people seem to be okay with just something instead of something good. In this short little period of time I have made some images that I really like, and I have sold a few prints as well thanks to a lucky lightning strike. This challenge of filling the last 19 days until Christmas up with posts only about the holiday was a great way to get my creative juices flowing again. It has also let me stock up some photos for that week in the winter when conditions just are not great for photography. Right now I only have a couple of sports jobs lined up before the summer, and then my summer baseball fun can continue again. In the meantime it will be fun to get out there and just create.

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