Lighting Up Lafayette

Christmas Lights Show The Way To Lafayette

Friday night during blue hour we were downtown to grab dinner. Of course I planned it so that I could make some photos during blue hour. I like this look on the pedestrian bridge looking back towards Lafayette. If you follow the lights you will end up at the courthouse. Blue hour is the best time to make these images as you always have some color in the frame.

I Had No Idea What Was Coming

When I made my photos during the day Friday I really thought that I was having a good day. I had no idea that things would get better during the night. My lightning photo with the courthouse blew up more than most of my stuff does, and I wanted to say thank you for that. It feels really good to make a good image, and it feels even better when others see it. I am always amazing that anyone reads this blog, but when things blow up a little it amazes me even more. With sports on hiatus right now I have some more time to get out there and make photos of the area. I am looking forward to seeing what I can make this winter.

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