An Evening With The Owls

When The Owls Decide To Hunt

Sunday night I was back out with the short-eared owls that are south of town. For the most part the excursion was just about hanging out in the cold and freezing. Two owls gave a quick show early, but that is all that we got. The as the sun was going down we were blessed with a few owls that took to the sky. Most of them were far away, but one of them gave us a quick look at it. If I had to pick a time to make photos of an owl this was it so it was a great thing that it decided to give us a fly by.

Straight On

This is one of the photos that you want to make when you go out. As I said at the beginning of the post for a while I didn’t think that we would get a close look at the owls. At the last minute we lucked out and the owls started to move a bit in some great light. Here it turned towards us and checked out the line of photographers pointing at it. This is one of the cliche photos that you want to make, and I was very happy to make it.

A Few Of My Favorite Things

There are a few things that I love to photograph. Owls, barns, and sunsets are right up there on the list. When they are all in one photo it makes me very happy. This is not my best photo of the day, but I like how it shows the scene.



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