Fall At Ross Ade Stadium

Taking A Walk Around Campus In The Fall

Wednesday I went up to campus for a walk around campus. I usually park across from Mackey Arena as it is easier to find a spot there than on main campus anymore. With that in mind I will end up walking by the sports facilities twice on my walk. That worked out well for me because the skies cleared a bit and I think that I made a better photo heading back to my car than I did on the way to campus.

How Quickly Things Change

I was going back through my old fall photos before I left and I realized just how quickly this scoreboard has completely changed. The old white back with the stripes is a distant memory now. We have the megatron which lends itself much better to photos than that old one did. Part of the fun doing these walks every year is seeing just how quickly campus does change. Photos that were not there in past years now can look very good. As per usual this is the first of a few walks so we will see what we can get. A lot of the trees are just now starting to turn so the color has only just begun.

Gameday Ideas

Seeing how good things looked around the stadium really got me excited for game day tomorrow. There should be a good way to incorporate some of these falls colors in the gallery. The red trees along the road also provide a cool background for certain photos made from the north end zone during the game. A win over Michigan State would also provide some fun photos as I assume the fans would be on the field again maybe during blue hour. Okay now I am too excited for game day tomorrow.

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