Purdue Wrestling Wrestle Offs

Purdue Holds Their Annual Wrestle Off Event

Friday night Purdue had its annual wrestle offs. It had been a long time since I had last photographed wrestling. I knew that I would be rusty. The interesting thing about the day though was that since we were wrestling each other I was just really there to get singles of the players. I still made some other photos for myself though as I wanted to get myself ready for the action.

Going Wide

I knew that I wanted one wide overall photo. The layout of things for the wrestle offs are unlike the rest of the season. With a clean background I decided to make it work for me. I liked how this turned out.

Falling Behind On Purpose

With a busy weekend I am a little behind on the blog. It is Tuesday and I am just now talking about an event that I photographed on Friday night. In a way though that is always the goal. I want to get the photo galleries out quickly, and then put my post out a couple of days later so that I can let the events of the days process a little. I don’t know when I will be back to photograph wrestling, but I need to get in and get a regular match under my belt soon. It has been too long.

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