A Rainy Sectional Game For West Lafayette

More Time In The Rain

Wednesday I had a little free time at night so I decided to head down to the West Lafayette soccer fields to see them play. I could have gone to an indoor event, but my crazy mind thought that the rain under the lights would look good. I was probably the only one in attendance who was hoping for the rain to come down. It really did come down. At first it seemed to get to both teams, but eventually West Lafayette looked like they started having fun in the rain, and the goals soon followed for them.

The Moneymaker

When I bought my used 400mm lens in 2015 I quickly started calling it the moneymaker. With that lens I started booking jobs that I had dreamt of, and it really helped give me a kickstart. This year the lens turns 25 and is still going strong. It is crazy to think of how well it works with the current technology. Tonight the lens will be back out at the West Lafayette football field. It is old and heavy, but man it still gives good results.

More Photos From Wednesday Night

Here is a link to my gallery from Wednesday night.

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