Great Sunsets And Folk Field

Sunsets And Folk Field

Folk Field is the one field on campus that was made for sunsets. In fact I went to the game last night just to make a couple of sunset photos. Any games under the lights looks great, but with some great sunset light behind the game it looks even better.

Going For Broke

For the second night in a row I went with lenses that were not meant to cover soccer. I was there for one photo only in my head. Unlike the night before that great moment never seemed to develop in front of me. My resolve was tested when Sarah Griffith answered a Michigan goal at the other end of the field. There was a great celebration, and I was wondering if i made the right choice. Purdue has a great photographer though and I knew they had the photo. I stayed in my spot waiting for the right moment. It really makes it easier on the editing side and the photo storage side when you just have some fun for a few games.

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