Soccer Under The Lights

Soccer In Some Great Light

Last night I went down to Harrison to make some soccer photos. I was not feeling editing a gallery though so I just took a couple of shorter lenses. I had an idea for a photo in mind. I was only going to stay for the first half when the light was good. With seven minutes to go in the half I really had not made a photo that I liked yet. I started doubting what I was doing. A couple of minutes later though a couple of plays happened where I thought that they should that led to a couple of decent photos. The first is above.

Right Place, Wrong Time

My main idea was pretty much this photo, but with the blue sky behind the press box. Of course just after the blue light left the sky I got my wish. The problem with gambling for a photo is that things don’t always work out for you. I still like the photo, but it would have been much better with the blue sky in the background.

More Photos From The Match

As I said above I was not there to put together a gallery. I really just wanted one or two photos from the night. I was not feeling the editing process. At the end of the day I still made more images than I had planned to. Here are a couple of bonus photos from the night.

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