Fire In The Sky

The Sky Lights Up

Last week I was with the little one putting some legos together when we noticed some color in the sky. That color exploded into an amazing sunset.  We put the legos down for a few moments while we walked outside and watched the sunset. This was one of those that just kept getting better and better. My daughter looked at me and asked where we were going. She knows the drill. Usually I run out of the house like the bat signal was in the air when something cool is going on in the sky. Since the sunset light had started I figured that I didn’t have any time to get to anything interesting. It did last a while though. It was kind of nice to just watch it from my front yard for a change though.

Getting Tight

Because I was in my front yard I really had nothing good to put in the foreground. I decided to zoom in to 105mm so that I could find little pockets of the cloud that looked cool to me. This section was really swirling around itself and after I made a couple of photos I put the camera down and just watched it. This might be a sign of my age, but it looked like something that they would have flown through in the movie Flash Gordon.

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