Great Light For A Return To Tennis

Finally Back At A Tennis Match

February 29, 2020. That was the last time that I was able to photograph tennis before Sunday. I actually did not even know that this was happening until the night before. My wife and I were watching a concert at home when I checked Twitter at the intermission. As soon as I saw that there was early morning tennis I knew that I had to go. The light would be great and I had this vision of dramatic photos in my head. I couldn’t stop thinking about it actually. Luckily for me the sun was out, and the light I had hoped for was there.

Having Some Fun

I was not there to cover the event so I just tried to have fun and make some photos that I liked. Sometimes those are the most fun events to be at. No need to get images up as quick as possible. You can just enjoy yourself and make images that make you happy.

More Photos From Sunday

Here is a link to the gallery that I put out Sunday afternoon. I knew that I had a lot of blog posts ahead of this one so getting the gallery out was a good way to make sure that people saw the photos in a timely manner. This concludes a long run of sports posts on this blog. Tomorrow will be a nature photo I am sure. This coming weekend is one where I am planning on pulling back from sports a little. I will be at the football game on Saturday, but other than that no jobs this weekend. Normally I would head somewhere for fun, but I liked the idea of not editing a bunch of sports photos over the weekend. Of course I write this early in the week. I will probably pick up a couple of jobs during the week that make this whole paragraph pointless.

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