The Tennessee Warbler Visits My Backyard

The Tennessee Warbler Pays A Visit

I have only seen a couple of warblers in my backyard, and this is one of them. For some reason in the fall they stop by. Two years ago I noticed that they love the little seeds so as the summer goes on I let parts of the yard go to encourage them to stop by. Here that paid off for me. This warbler came very close to me with no problem as it was worried about eating and not me. That is the best way to photograph them.

The Warblers Visit Me

Yesterday I was home and had planned to head to the Celery Bog after dropping the kids off. I looked out the window and saw a black and white warbler in my tree. I did not make a good photo of it, but I did have a chance to see it. It was then that I noticed a fair amount of birds in the backyard. I probably could have seen more warblers if I had gone out to the bog, but it is more fun to just see what comes my way.

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