College Soccer: Colorado at Purdue

Another Afternoon At Folk Field

Yesterday I was back at Folk Field making some soccer photos. I was photographing for the opponent, but as a freelancer that is what you end up doing. This weekend that could happen again with a volleyball tournament in town. No matter what end of the field you are on though it is always great to be making photos at Folk Field.

The Little Moments

During introductions I made this photo of a little moment between two players. Colorado was very loose and having some fun. On the road that has to be a good thing. I felt like I did not have a good game on Thursday night. Making this photo before the game even started yesterday let me know that it was going to be a good day.

A Familiar Face

In the second half Ally Mussallem scored a goal at the other end of the field. For the past few years this family has become a staple on the field for the Boilers. I had no angle of the goal, but her celebration coming back towards me was fun to see. I made this photo out of habit.

Header Fun

Yesterday I was having some decent success with headers. Sometimes all of the action is all away from you. I had some good chances which is always fun.

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