Not What I Expected

One Good Photo

When I go out to the bog I always do so looking for one good photo. Sometimes I am blessed with many good photos. I am always glad for the one though. Last week on my walk I was really shut out. I talked to a couple of photographers in the parking lot when I saw this scene unfolding in front of me. It was not the photo I went out to the bog to make, but it was amazing to see.

A Weird Week

Right now the fall migration is in full swing. For some reason though I have not been feeling heading out to the bog. When I have gone out there I have kind of just went through the motions. I learned a long time ago that you do not make good photos doing this. I have been having more fun with the birds on the water lately. The next few nights will be filled with sports so I don’t know when the next wildlife post will appear on the blog.

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