More With The Goldfinches Of The Front Yard

The Last Hurrah Of The Front Yard Goldfinches

I made these images a couple of weeks ago just before our flowers completely died. The goldfinches were out in force enjoying the seeds from the flowers. Now the flowers petals have all fallen off of the flowers. The goldfinches are still out there, but the photos don’t look nearly as good without the petals in them. I am sure that my family is glad as they don’t have to look out the window and see me sitting in a metal folding chair pointing a camera at the house.

Visitors To The Office

While sitting at my desk in the office editing I am often interrupted by the goldfinch as they eat. They will hop up on the window screens and say hi to me. It happens enough that I expect it when I sit down at my desk. In fact as I sat down to think of a post for today one of them hopped up to say hi. I remembered the photos that I had not yet published so now they are famous! They will be seen by tens of people now.

2 Replies to “More With The Goldfinches Of The Front Yard”

  1. Makes me smile to think of you sitting there waiting for the shots. 🙂 When I was working outside yesterday morning, two hummingbird moths were flying around our flowering bushes on one side but they didn’t linger in one place long enough to get a good photo. It was fun to see them as I always enjoyed the ones in Illinois that would visit our butterfly bush.


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