A Fun Day To Photograph Purdue Soccer

Purdue Soccer Has A Great Day At Home

Yesterday I was back at Folk Field to photograph Purdue soccer as they took on Ball State. I was not sure what to expect. There were warnings out about the heat, and soccer is already a sport that takes a toll on the athletes. Purdue was firing on all cylinders though as they cruised to a 5-1 victory.

The Sarah Griffith Story

I have talked on this blog a lot about the story behind the comeback that Sarah Griffith has made. Purdue did an excellent piece on her trials and how she overcame them here. Every goal that she scores is special, and we saw three special goals on Sunday. She really is a fun player to watch. It will be interesting to see just how this season plays out for her. I am sure that every athlete on the field has a story behind how they got to where they are now. Part of the fun thing that teams could do is to tell those stories to the fans. It gives us a little more insight into what these athletes go through.

The Dog Days Of Summer

Yesterday was the annual dog day at Folk Field. On the way to the stadium I was wondering just how many dogs would show up because of the heat. The staff at Purdue did a good job of keeping things around to help the dogs in the heat. Lots of pools and water to splash around in. It was really neat to see the canine fans of the club out on the pitch.

More Photos From The Match

Here is a link to my full gallery up on the Purdue site. It was a hot day, but a fun one to make photos. My birthday weekend is usually a good one for the Boilers. A few years ago I made a photo on my actual birthday that may still be hanging in the ticket office. I don’t know that I made any that will be up there yesterday, but it is always fun to try.



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