A Morning With The Herons

Spending A Couple Of Hours With The Herons Of The Celery Bog

Yesterday was the second day in a row when a warmer morning almost made me decide not to head to the Celery Bog. For the second straight day I was glad that I did. As I walked down to the water this great blue heron was waiting for me not too far away. I made this portrait of it before it moved a few feet away to fish.

A Quick Photo

Six minutes after I walked down to the water this heron grabbed a little fish. I made this photo of it flipping the fish so that it could go down. These are the photos that I want to make out at the bog, and it did it right away. Luck was on my side for sure yesterday.

Take Your Time

Just after I made the photo of the heron fishing another photographer told me that a green heron was posing nicely on a stick not that far away. In fact it was so close to the path that I had to back up to get it within my minimum focusing distance. I made a quick photo just to record the moment. That photo is above. Then I took my time and moved over a step and moved my monopod down a bit for a better background. I waited for a slight head tilt as well, and I had a photo that I really liked. Taking your time doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but it is making the calculations of how to make the photo better. I made the two photos above eight minutes after making my first photo down by the water. Luck really was on my side yesterday.

Another Chance With The Belted Kingfisher

This is a bird that I have never had a lot of luck with. For the second straight day it flew not that far away from me. I would like it to be a bit closer, but the photo does not look too bad so I can’t complain.

A Green Heron Show

This green heron flew right by me and then circled back to land not that far away. I don’t have a lot of good green heron photos let along photos of them flying so this was a very lucky occurrence. Then it started looking for food…

A Big Fish In A Little Pond

This fish was just having a good day being the big fish in the pond when the green heron snagged it out of the water. I couldn’t believe how easily this heron gulped down this fish that was about a third of its size. Even more unbelievably the heron kept looking for food. You would think that it would be full, but it was ready to eat even more. This was an amazing encounter with a big fish.

More Photos From My Walk

My day was not all about the herons, but they made up a lot of my photos. Below you can see more of the photos from my walk yesterday morning.

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