A Hot Walk Around The Celery Bog

Taking A Hot Lap Around The Celery Bog

Yesterday after dropping the kids off at school I went out to the Celery Bog for a walk. I took the long way around and by the time I found anything too good it was getting really hot out. That did not stop the wildlife though as they all seemed to be ready to feast.

A Good Day For Fishing

As you can tell by the first two photos being fishing photos it was a good day to make some of those. I have made heron fishing photos in the past, but one that has eluded me is the cormorant fishing photo. This cormorant was circling around the area I was at going under multiple times. You never know where they will come back up. You just have to guess so that if they have a fish you are ready. Here I was close enough to be able to capture it with its prize. As with most photography I am happy that I finally made the photo, but know we try and make it better.

A Smiling Kingfisher

This year I have had the best luck with the kingfisher that I have ever had. Here this one even seemed to smile at me a little. I thought that it might come even closer, but it dove into the water and then flew off quickly in the other direction.

Having Some Fun

Just before I left the light was getting pretty harsh. The way that it was hitting this heron though I knew that I might have a cool black and white photo. It is funny that the more you make photos the more that you can see the post processing in the field. I knew just what I wanted to do, and it pretty much came out how I thought that it would.

More Photos From My Walk

Here are a few bonus photos from my walk on Tuesday morning.

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