Under The Rainbow

What Is Under The Rainbow?

In this photo a lot of gold and a lot of black. Last night after my soccer game was called I was driving home to edit the photos. You could see the sun getting ready to poke out of the clouds so I went to a familiar spot on campus hoping for a little rainbow. I ended up getting an amazing rainbow. The rain never really let up though so I had to try and make photos in bursts. This was my favorite one of the night.


I have been to this spot many times when the conditions looked good for a rainbow. You don’t have much time to find a spot, and this one is one where I know things will work out. After a few years of everything just not working out just right it finally did tonight. The heavy rain really shows up in the photo, but I still like it. Maybe someday I will clean all of that up for a cleaner looking photo. For now I have to soak my camera in a ton of rice and hope that I didn’t kill it to make this image.

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