The Lafayette Aviators Are The Wabash River Division Champions!

The Magical Season For The Lafayette Aviators Continues

Last night was another home win for the Lafayette Aviators. The stakes were a little higher though as the playoffs have begun. The first step was the Wabash River Division Championship against the Danville Dans. Lafayette had their bats come alive late to secure the win and advance. The next step will be Saturday against the Champion City Kings for the conference championship. This has been a very fun year so far, and I am not ready for it to end just yet. Right now the team is three wins away from a title. That would be a great way to cap off a fun return to baseball this year.

Too Much Tilt Shift

I really was making too many tilt shift photos last night. The game before I admittedly did not have any idea what I was doing with the lens. I am still learning, but the fun of learning is just using it. I love setting up the idea and making it work. Some fun is also using manual focus as well. After the game I knew that I could miss focus, but that is what makes this photography thing fun. I am sure as this season comes to a close you will see a bit more with the tilt shift lens.

Summer Ball Fun

This is the time of the year when the team is as close as it will get. Early in the season you could see that the players were still getting to know each other. Now they have really gotten to know each other, and that is where the fun comes in. At this point in the season any game could be their last together. They are enjoying every second of it. My goal during these last games is less of the on field action, and more of these moments off the field.

Fun With The Light

You can have a lot of fun making photos with the late day light at your back. When it gets low enough though it can be even more fun to photograph into the light. These probably would never be used by the promotion department, but it is a fun way to break up the gallery. It also helps stretch out the creative muscles a little bit.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to the gallery that I posted this morning. These are fun to put together, and I think they are becoming a little more well rounded as this season goes on.


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