Bird On A Wire

The Eastern Kingbird Poses For Me

On my way out of Prophetstown State Park I spotted this eastern kingbird on the barbed wire of the old farm. I slowly moved my car so that the barn was in the background to give me this red background. It was an overcast day so the red of the barn would be a much better background than the white sky. It was a good surprise to find the kingbird here, and a good way to end a trip to Prophetstown.

Bird On A Wire

I have heard wildlife photographers talk about how you should never show an animal with something man made. I have never believed that. If you are really about showing off how the wildlife interacts with humans than man made objects have to be in your photos. We interact with them every day. Why shouldn’t we show that as well? I couldn’t imagine seeing this scene in front of me and not making a picture because of what the bird was sitting on. The thing that I try and get across the most on this blog is to make photos that make you happy. Photography will never feel like work if you do that.

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