Lafayette Aviators vs. Clinton LumberKings

Catching A Day Game For The Aviators

Yesterday the little one and I drove down to Loeb Stadium to catch the Aviators take on Clinton. For years living up near South Bend I knew this team as a Midwest League club. It is great that the name lives on in the Prospect League.

Balancing Photography And Fun

With a seven year old at your side you are always balancing getting the photo and keeping her engaged in the game. There is not nearly as much for a kid to do at Loeb Stadium as there used to be at the old park. By the fifth inning she was done with the game so we left. I went into the game with the mindset that anything that I was able to get would be great. I ended up making more photos than I thought that I would.

My Baseball Season Is Winding Down

After making no baseball photos in 2020 I knew that I wanted to photograph as much baseball as I could in 2021. I love baseball, and I wanted to throw myself at it this year. I have photographed a lot of baseball, but the levels that I photograph have all ended except for this league. There are only a handful of games left before my baseball season is over. It has been a fun one, and I pretty much have decided to go full steam ahead with fall sports. Whatever I can photograph whenever. Right now it looks like my college freelancing may still not be there this year so I have focused on high school sports in my bookings this fall. If you have an event that you want coverage for let me know and we can work something out.

More Photos From The Game

Here is the link to my gallery from the game yesterday. Like I said above the photography was kind of secondary, but I still managed to make some photos that I liked. Next week when the team is back in town it will be game on. There are only a handful of chances to see this team play left.

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