Beauty In The Backyard

A House Finch Takes A Break

While making photos in my backyard of birds that are not normally there this common house finch hopped up into our tree. I liked the way that this scene looked so I made a photo of it. This year has been a weird year for bird photography for me, but I still say that there is no better way to get ready for sports photography than this. When you are used to putting your focus point on a three to four inch bird a 200 pound linebacker seems pretty easy.

Natural Feeders In The Backyard

With the DNR asking you to take down the feeders backyard birding has taken on a different look this summer. Instead of having the normal feeders up we have seen the birds coming to the natural spots where they would normally feed. Sunflowers that have grown from parts of our feeders from past years have become a place to feed. Nature takes care of itself. It is kind of interesting to watch.

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