Forged By Fire

Waiting For Good Light At The Boilermaker Statue

This statue was a place where I found myself often during the virus. I was there the day after everything shut down. It was here where I really started thinking about what this meant for everyone, but also what it meant for this great experiment that I was in the middle of. This was a great place to sit and think about things while waiting for the light. On Monday night it was more of a race to catch the light. I had made a couple of bad decisions on where to be so I really wanted something from the crazy light of the night. This was the perfect spot.

Having Some Fun

This photo is all about having fun. I had fun that night out and about chasing the light. I also had some fun editing the photo. I have spent the last ten years now out looking for photos to make. The thing that keeps me going is making it fun. I have found the things that I love to photograph, and I have kept it fresh and fun over the years. After a small period of doubt this fall is starting to come together as far as to what I will be doing. After being on the bench for most of last year it will be great to get back out there and make some sports images again. I have always had the burning need to make photos, but after missing it for so long that fire is a little hotter this year. It is going to be fun.

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