Dragon Fire

The Gringott’s Dragon At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

One thing that is great about walking around The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter is the way that the park can surprise you. Seeing the dragon spit fire for the first time was amazing. Seeing it for the 50th time on the trip was just as amazing. When you heard the sounds that told you it was coming you went somewhere to get a good view of it. Somehow two years after the trip I still have photos of the dragon and the fire that I never got around to posting. That shows you just how much this big kid enjoyed the show.

The Old Canon Gear

It is always funny looking at my travel photos from the summer of 2019. At this point I had no idea that I would be switching to Sony very quickly. I had talked to some people about switching, but I was happy with my Canon 5D Mark IV and my 24-105 vII on this trip. Seeing where Sony was headed though prompted the switch. I loved that old 5D Mark IV and I made many good photos with it. I sold it to another photographer who lives in my neighborhood. I could probably make a few more photos with it if I asked. The fact that Canon never made the mark V though just shows that I made the right choice switching to Sony.

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