Fireworks In The Cul-de-sac

Happy Fourth Of July!

Last night we had a little fireworks session in our cul-de-sac. Most of the entertainment consisted of sparklers and snap pops, but we did have a few cheap little fountains. Of course I ended up on my belly a few feet away from the fireworks making long exposures of them. This one early on was my favorite of the night.

Making Firework Photos

Here is a link to my post from 2016 about making better firework photos. It is five years old, but the tips are still good ones. As I was making photos last night I was thinking about another one. You can see the results in your camera so don’t be afraid to experiment in the field. Knowing the exposure triangle allows you to quickly adjust your settings to make the photo that you have in mind. When you are thinking about your grand, epic firework photo this 4th of July don’t forget how cool the little things look as well. Below are a couple of other photos from last night that I liked.

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