Lafayette Aviators vs. Terre Haute Rex

A Beautiful Night For Baseball At Loeb Stadium

Thursday night was an amazing night for baseball. The weather was mild and we even had a little breeze coming into Loeb Stadium. This has been a fun season so far for the Aviators. They finished the first half of the season in first place guaranteeing themselves a playoff spot. They started off the second half of the season with a win as well.

Great Light

During the game I was talking to another photographer about how much better access you can get at a place like this than at a minor league game for example. As the sun was going down we put that to the test. From the middle of the opponents dugout I was able to make this photo. I try not to abuse the access, but when the light is right it is time to make a photo.

Using The Sony 400mm Lens

My friend Mark Elsner (see his work here) let me use his Sony 400mm f/2.8 lens for a half inning. I see him using this lens all of the time without a monopod and my shoulders used to hurt just seeing it. My frame of reference though is my 25 year old Canon 400mm lens that is as heavy as you can get with a lens. I hand held the Sony 400mm lens for the half inning with no problem. This would be a great addition to my lenses, but for the work I do I couldn’t justify it. Man it is good though. I need to find a gig that would help me justify this lens. Which brings me to my next point. I am still taking jobs this coming school year. Right now the schedule has a few openings. No matter the level reach out to me and we can make something happen.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to my full gallery from the game on Thursday.

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