Patience And Luck

Sometimes You Need Patience…

One thing that photography has taught me is that you need a lot of patience. Sometimes you just have to stay out in the field to make the photo. Sometimes you have to wait out weather. Patience has never been one of my strong suits. I have been going out to Prophetstown State Park to make this exact photo above. I came away with some photos that were okay, but not what I was thinking about. By staying the course I was finally able to make the photo that I had in my head when I went out into the field. I put a couple of the previous trips photos at the bottom for some reference. They are okay photos, but they didn’t really pop. As with any photo I always feel like I can do better, and that is the fun of this whole thing.

…And A Little Luck

Of course like anything in life you need some luck on your side to succeed. I was done for the day when I made this photo. I was heading out of the park in my car after a hot walk. I paused before turning and heard the dickcissel calling. I looked out my window and there it was super close to me on a pretty cool perch. After a few days of trying too hard for this photo it fell into my lap. I put in the time getting out there, and I was rewarded with a little luck.

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