Summer Sunsets At Bittinger Stadium

Family Photography

My little one and I were in our front yard after a heavy rain looking for puddles to jump in when I saw a rainbow in the sky. She saw it too and said “Where are we going?” She knows that the fun in photography is sometimes the chase. I grabbed a camera and we hopped in the car. The rainbow did not last long enough for a good photo, but we had fun chasing it. With the sun popping out of the clouds we made our way to Bittinger Stadium because I knew we had a good clear view if a rainbow appeared as well as a good subject for the sun and the clouds. The fun part of the photo is that my little one was with me as I made the photo. I explained what I was thinking about, and how I would edit it to bring out just how cool the scene was in front of us. She watched me edit the photo too seeing that vision come to life. I wrote Monday about how much things have changed in the last ten years. Having a photography buddy is one of those things.

That Time Of Year

It seems like every summer I start hitting the same spots for my photos. I am not trying to repeat myself, but they are spots that are quick and easy to get too. Bittinger Stadium is one of those spots. When the sunset starts to look good at the last minute I know that I can make a photo there, and I can get there pretty quickly.

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