Good Light At Ross Ade

Things Looking Up At Ross Ade Stadium

Last night a storm passed through not long before sunset. Those can be amazing nights with clouds just ready to light up. I knew I had to get somewhere quickly, and this spot by Ross Ade is easy to get to for me. That was good because I made this photo as soon as I got out of the car. I didn’t set up my tripod, but I just grabbed my camera and ran up the steps. That was probably the best light of the night. The sun ducked behind a cloud and I never got the epic photo that I drove up thinking about. This was still a fun image, and worth getting out to create.

A Full Ross Ade Stadium

This week it was announced that Ross Ade will be full capacity this fall. Sports are great. It is amazing what these athletes can do. What makes the experience complete though are the fans. I cannot wait until the first game with the band playing and the crowd cheering. It will be something to see. At this point I don’t know where I will be. There is a fairly decent chance that I will be in the crowd. The team that I used to work for has been scattered. I have had so much fun making photos with that crew. They were talented behind the lens, but also very fun to work with. As a freelancer you rely on your contacts. When that contact leaves there is always doubt. No matter what it will not be the same. As I start putting dates on my fall calendar Purdue is not on it yet. No matter what I will still find my way into Ross Ade this fall. I may be a fan, but I will have a couple of photo ideas I am sure. Here are a couple of bonus photos from my short walk last night.

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