My Top 21 High School Baseball Photos From 2021

My 21 Favorite Images From The 2021 High School Baseball Season

With no baseball for me in 2020 I made some ambitious plans for the 2021 season. I wanted to photograph as much baseball as I could. I had a plan to visit all of the local high school baseball fields during the course of the year. I even had a sheet mapping out the best way to do it to include the most local teams possible. Rain took many of those days out, but I was still able to see all of the local teams play. High school baseball might be the most fun for me to photograph. You have great access almost anywhere you want to be, and the level of play is pretty good. I had a ton of fun this season, and you can see my favorite images below.

21. The countdown starts off where my high school season did. At the opening game of Loeb Stadium between Lafayette Jeff and Central Catholic. Once the sun went down the stadium lit up beautifully for blue hour. This is a very cool stadium, and an amazing one for a high school team to call home.

20. When I saw this sign in the outfield I knew that I needed to make a photo with it in the background. After a year without baseball it was great to have it back again.

19. The sectional title game between McCutcheon and Harrison was fantastic. There was emotion on both sides along with some good play.

18. The light at Bob Friend Field always lends for some fun backlit photos as the sun goes down. Here the sun only popped out for a moment, but it allowed me to make this photo of the Harrison pitcher with some great rim light.

17. More of that great light at Bob Friend Field. Here the right fielder goes for a catch in that great light.

16. This was not planned, but rather a very happy accident. The ball was hit right where this Harrison runner was at so he jumped over the ball and made a very interesting photo for me.

15. I am not from here. I really have no ties to any of the schools. I call Bob Friend Field my home field because it is in my neighborhood. That makes it easy to just pop in and make a few photos. The newer netting allows for a little more room to make photos.

14. Another photos from blue hour during that opening game of Loeb Stadium. These photos are more for me than anyone else, but they are fun to make.

13. This was my first time seeing Harrison play this year. I had just made my way to Bob Friend Field when a home run was hit and the celebration was on. At this point I had no idea that they would give me some of the better photos on this list.

12. Another photo made possible by the netting at Bob Friend. I could use the light to frame this photo of a player on deck just the way that I wanted it.

11. I made this photo during my first trip to Harrisons home field in years. That last time that I was there was to see my nephew pitch before my daughter was even born. They have some great photo angles as well so I really need to get back there more often.

10. The great part about photographing high school baseball is the access. Here I was able to be right where I wanted to be on the field. Getting my camera on the ground allowed me to see the players face as he slid back into first base.

9. With more and more fields getting turf these dusty baseball photos are becoming a thing of the past. To me this is baseball though so I try and make as many of them as I can.

8. I have been making photos at Bob Friend Field since 2012. I never saw this photo before. The flag being a bit lower allowed me to put it in my photo. I love finding new angles at places where I have seen many games.

7. Getting low in the dugout let me get right into this slide by a Harrison player during the sectional title game. If I was any higher I would have lost the face and the photo.

6. I went to this JV game to hang out with a friend who has a son on the other team. When the ball was hit to center I was hoping for a diving catch, and I got my wish. This was my favorite action photo from this past season.

5. This was a photo that I pre-visualized before the game. I had never been to the stadium before, but I knew the layout. I wanted to try and get the team name in the photo. I thought that it could be cool, but it came out better than I had hoped for.

4. Emotion is what makes what I do fun. Here are three great examples of that from this past season. At the top you have the pitcher celebrating the final out of a regional championship. Below that is a little comeback emotion from the first game of the season for me. The bottom image was made after a big out. Part of the fun of sports photography is finding those players that will give you these photos. When it pays off it is well worth it.

3. If you know me then you know that I love making catcher photos. Since I was a kid it is the position that is the coolest to me. Here the Lafayette Jeff catcher watches the action during the opening game at Loeb Stadium. The sky and the stadium lights really make this a fun photo for me.

2. This really could have been at number one very easily. After winning the sectional title I did not get the dog pile photos that I was hoping for. Kissing the trophy though more than made up for it. This is the kind of spontaneous thing that makes what I do so much fun.

1. This was my final high school game of the season. The regional championship game was a fun one with a local team walking away with the trophy at the end. I love these photos with everyone just wanting to touch it. You can see what this means to the players.


There are my favorite images from this past high school baseball season. I made a point to get out and photograph more high school baseball this season and it paid off. Next year I need to try to get to even more games. Since I missed it due to weather this season a McCutcheon home game has to be #1 on my to do list.


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