A Beautiful Sky Over Purdue

When The Sky Lights Up Over Purdue

Last Saturday while out at Purdue we went up with a couple of ideas. Those did not pan out, but luckily the sunset sky did. This was fun to watch, and even better because my daughter was with me making her own photos. She is still young, but it is always a better trip to make photos when she goes with me.

Getting Out Of The Tunnel

For the last few weeks I have had tunnel vision it seems like. With no baseball last year I really have gone crazy photographing as much baseball as I could this year. I have really tried to get out and make as many baseball photos as I can. That has really taken up the spare time that would have been spent photographing other things. It was fun to plan and get out to make other types of photos. This week has been that way so far. Of course the Aviators are back in town so that means more opportunities to make more baseball photos. After last year I won’t pass many of those up.

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