Cicadas Everywhere!

Finally Finding The Cicadas

Last night after seeing a post on Facebook we went for a trip down 26 to finally see a large batch of cicadas. Before then we had stumbled upon one at a school function and that was it. My wife had still not seen one, and she was the one that really wanted to see them. Lucky for us the Martell Forest just east of town has them everywhere right now.

An Amazing Story

When you stop and think about it the way that these things live is quite amazing. They are in the ground for seventeen years as larva. They come out and spend a few days doing their thing to keep the species going before they die. The eggs that they created then hatch and go back into the ground to start the whole cycle over again.

Bonus Photos

Below are a few bonus photos from our short walk around the forest. We were probably too late to see one emerging from the exoskeleton, but it would have been a way to complete the story. It is really crazy to think about how much things will change before we see this brood again. My kids will be 24 and 29. I wonder if they will remember this walk then?

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