Amazing Light At Purdue

Watching The Light Over Purdue

Saturday night I went up to campus with my daughter with a few ideas in mind. A photo like this was not in the mix, but when you see something like this you make a photo of it. Sunsets after storms can be some of the best sunsets that you will see, and this one showed off a little. These types of situations are always fun to watch happen, but seeing how excited my little one was made it even better. She had my phone making photos of the light hitting different clouds and buildings as it built up to this. Photography is fun. Enjoying it with my family is even better.

When The Third Option Is The Best Option

I honestly went up to my spot to make a photo of the crescent moon moving past the clock tower. The clouds on the horizon meant that it wouldn’t happen. All I needed was a little window though so it was worth a shot. We left early because there was a good chance that we could have seen a rainbow. The conditions seemed right, but I think that we were too close to the weather still for a rainbow to pop up. Rainbows are all about angles, and ours was not right. The third option was the sunset over the clock tower. This is normally the first option so when all else failed this was still an amazing thing to watch. This is not a bad consolation prize at all, and it was so much fun to watch.

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